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Adding Color to the Entryway

Adding Color to the Entryway


The entryway is one of the most important parts of a home. It is the first thing guests will see when visiting and the first thing you will see after a long, hard day at work: In short, it is the first thing that offers an overall impression of your home.

The entryway should be decorated in a way to impress your guests and help you to anticipate a relaxing evening after arriving home from work.

Adding color to the entryway is an easy way to bring a greater sense of style to the entryway.

Clean the Area

In order to add a great color to the entryway of your home the first thing you need to accomplish is cleaning the area deeply.

Wash all doors, walls, and windows with a deep cleaning solution that also smells fresh.

Be sure to clean all carpets with a carpet cleaner after vacuuming as well, so as to be certain the carpet is thoroughly cleared of dirt and debris.

Paint the Walls

Paint WallThe walls of the entryway should first be examined for any holes, dings, or dents that would take away from the smooth finish of the fresh paint.

If needed, fill any holes with wall spackling available at any local hardware stores using a putty knife and allow thorough drying time.

Once the spackling is completely dry, sand it down so that it creates a smooth surface. The next step is to paint the area with a primer to prevent any stains or marks showing through the new paint color.

Once the primer is dry, the new paint can be applied. If the entryway is separated from the rest of the home with doors, try using different colors and patterns in this area than the rest of the house.

The door itself can be painted to become the focal point by using colors that compliment the exterior of the home.

Entryway Furniture

Entryway furniture tends to lend itself to storing your guest’s items while they are in your home.

Items such as a console table with drawers would enable you to place your guest’s coats, hats, or scarves inside the drawer so as to reduce the clutter in the seating area in the home.

An antique dresser can also provide both beauty and functionality much like a console table. The entryway should also be well lit so that it feels cheerful and welcoming.

Accessorize with Color

Decorating the entryway with artwork or photographs is an easy way to bring color into the area without causing too much clutter.

Family portraits framed in decorative frames matted in complimenting colors can create a beautiful centerpiece on any wall.

Mirrors placed on opposite sides of the room can also create the feel of a larger area as well, simply hang two mirrors facing each other and the result will make the room feel larger.

Placing slender lamps on either end of the console table or antique dresser will give the room more light than just a ceiling light fixture can offer.

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