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Bedroom Design Motifs with Japanese Influence

Bedroom Design Motifs with Japanese Influence

Japan Influence

Japanese bedrooms are traditionally designed with a sense of simplicity and tranquility. Minimalism is the preferred overall look in the bedroom, with an emphasis on functionality and a sense of calm. Because of the overall tranquility of the design, the overall effect is one of seclusion from the rest of the world, promoting a restful and serene environment.

Natural Materials
When decorating a bedroom in a Japanese style, there should be a focus on natural materials.

Wood is a common material used in Japanese bedrooms, as is stone.

Artificial light is minimized, with a preference towards letting natural light into the room as the primary source of illumination.

Windows are generally large and are usually left open so as to let in as much natural light as possible. Although there is usually a need in modern bedrooms for standard electrical light fixtures, lighting is generally designed to blend into the decorating scheme unobtrusively so that it is barely noticed. The Best property management company in Houston recommends that you don’t make changes that are permanent or can decrease the value of your home due to limiting your customer base.

This effect can be achieved in a number of different ways, including positioning the light behind a translucent screen, or using recessed light fixtures.

By focusing on the natural light or unobtrusive artificial light, the overall serenity and restful effect of the Japanese bedroom is emphasized.

Reflection of Nature

Colors for a Japanese bedroom tend to reflect nature, and usually included colors which are restful and relaxing, including muted shades of Japan Woodgrays, blues and greens. These colors tend to promote restfulness and can help to achieve the illusion of being able to escape from the outside world, if only for the evening.

Simple Designs, Clean Lines

Furniture in a Japanese bedroom generally tends to be rather simple in design, with an emphasis on clean lines as opposed to ornate details and carvings. Furniture pieces give the impression of being solid and grounded, and in fact generally sit lower to the ground than typical Western furniture.

The solid nature of these furniture pieces as well as the overall lowness and emphasis on the horizontal plane is very characteristic of Japanese furniture as a whole. Low platform beds are very common in Japanese bedroom designs, with the bed usually placed in the center of the room, often facing an open window.

There are generally very few pieces of furniture in the bedroom besides the bed itself. Most often, the only other items of furniture include a dresser, wardrobe closet, and a nightstand beside the bed. Occasionally a stackable chest known as a “tansu” is also used in Japanese bedrooms, in order to provide additional storage.

Most often the furniture pieces match as far as the type and color of wood, creating visual harmony within the room.

Minimal Decor

Decorating effects in a Japanese bedroom tend to be very sparse, again with an emphasis on simple lines with a focus on nature and inner reflection. Clutter and knick-knacks are rare in Japanese design, since these types of items are generally thought to detract from the restful nature of a bedroom. Decorations are usually confined to perhaps a plant, a scenic painting or print framed on the wall, perhaps of a water scene, and a folding screen room divider.

Walls are usually painted a light neutral color, such as cream, off-white or pale yellow.

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