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Easy Caulking Tips

Easy Caulking Tips

caulking a bathtubImprove your caulking skills with a few of these easy tips.

Learning how to caulk is an essential skill that every homeowner should master. There are numerous reasons that you may need to caulk around the interior and exterior of your home.

You may need to caulk around your windows, along your shower surround, above your baseboards or even around your counters.

Caulking can also be a great way of fixing any kind of leaks, it can even be a temporary emergency fix for leaking pipes, or leaky air ducts in your HVAC system.

If you are caulking due to a water leak, be sure you fix the cause of the leak. If you don’t, you’ll just end up with another mess.

And if the job is just too large or you don’t understand how to do it yourself, call in a specialist like

With these useful tips you can keep your home looking and performing great year round.

The first thing to understand about caulk is that there are many different varieties. Some are water solvent and others are not.

Every caulk job requires a specific variety. Spend a bit of time at your hardware choosing your caulk in order to ensure that it designed for the job at hand. Directions and the caulk’s specifications are always listed on the tube.

The tube of caulk should specifically list what types of material it can be used with. If it does not, find one that does or you can end up spending money on something you can’t use and don’t need.


The first thing you need is to have a caulking gun. They are relatively cheap and a very simple to use tool. So don’t sweat it!

Load the tube of caulk into your gun and then hold the little clip on the back that is on the long rod so that the rod can be released and you can push the rod and plunger snug with the tube back.

Don’t put too much pressure on the caulk right now. And don’t squeeze the trigger on the gun yet. If you do, you’ll create too much pressure and the caulk will come out way too fast when you cut the tip of the tube.

The tip on your tube of caulk will need to be cut in order for it to be used. Your instinct might be to just cut the tip wherever you like. This will lead to a disastrous caulk job. Instead, simply cup a tiny piece of the tip.

If the hole is not large enough you can cut another small piece of the tip until you find the right size. Once you cut the tip it can’t be undone so take your time! It’s WAY better to cut too small than too big.

Once you have your tube of caulk ready to go you can begin the process.

Carefully run your caulk gun along the crack. You should stop every few feet and wipe off the excess caulk.

You can do this by sliding your index finger along the crack.

If you are using a water-based caulk you may find that a slightly moistened finger will accomplish this task much faster and it will look a lot better.

If you’re caulking job looks really bad, don’t worry about it. You’ll get better with practice.

Plus caulk doesn’t need to look good in order to work. It just needs to be there.

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