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Suffering from Allergies? Replace Your Carpet with Vinyl Flooring

Suffering from Allergies? Replace Your Carpet with Vinyl Flooring

SneezeSpending the summer months sniffing and sneezing as a result of hay fever can be irritating at the very least; as can spending the winter months in pretty much the same condition due to having a cold. Unfortunately the latter cannot be helped by the décor in your home as this is one of those things which we all have to suffer with from time to time.

But hay fever suffers and those who suffer from other allergies throughout the year can help their elements by carrying out some simple home improvements, such as replacing carpets with an alternative such as vinyl flooring.

Traditionally carpets have often been considered more luxurious than other flooring options, especially during the winter mornings when they help to insulate your home, but a fully carpeted house can also have significant drawbacks.

Two of the main downsides associated with carpet, especially the thicker more luxurious carpets which often prove common within households throughout the Texas area and Houston Heights homes for sale is that they:

1) Show up the dirt, whether it’s mud that’s been trodden in from the children after they’ve finished playing outside, pets leaving muddy footprints following their daily walk or toilet accidents that toddlers and pets occasionally have within the house.

2) Germs and allergies can hide within the fibers, where, despite deep vacuuming they can remain helping to cause flare-ups of allergies and also increase the chance of illness spreading within your household.

Despite the drawbacks to carpets, you shouldn’t necessarily stop reading this and automatically remove all your carpets, because as already mentioned they can help provide warmth during the winter months, along with a luxury throughout the year.

Instead if you suffer from any sort of allergy you should consider minimizing the carpeted areas within your home to specific rooms such as the bedrooms, and then fitting other areas of the home with vinyl flooring or something similar.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl FlooringFor allergy sufferers vinyl flooring can prove a perfect option because unlike carpet, it doesn’t have the fibers or nooks and crannies in which germs and allergies are able to hide; which comes with the added benefit of reducing allergy flare-ups occurring.
As well as providing flooring which doesn’t offer areas for germs, dust and allergies to hide, vinyl flooring also offers a virtually waterproof surface, which again can help with the reduction of allergies and help with sanitation issues for any accidents your pets or young may have within the home.

Vinyl flooring also comes with added benefits for the home, which should be taken into consideration when looking to fit a new floor.

Potentially the biggest benefit next to its allergy reducing characteristics is the aesthetic qualities that it offers. Whether you’re living in a quaint country cottage or a modern city center townhouse, vinyl flooring can provide your home with a new dimension and aesthetic quality which other flooring options cannot.

It could be said that vinyl flooring takes the best of hardwood/tile flooring’s durability and versatility, alongside some of the warmth which carpet offers.

It’s also a fairly forgiving floor surface, making it perfect for families with young children and/or pets and through your local flooring specialists you’ll be able to find the perfect design of vinyl flooring to meet your needs and requirements.

So if you want to help reduce the sneezing and runny noses throughout the year which are caused by allergies, but you don’t want to drastically alter the décor of your family home, then vinyl flooring could prove to be the perfect cure.

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