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Top Five Things to Put on Your Home’s Walls

Top Five Things to Put on Your Home’s Walls

wall hangingsEvery interior design depends pretty much on what you decide to put on your home’s walls as decoration. Even the biggest effort to create a lovely home may prove useless if the walls are poorly decorated.

Your home could become much more attractive by just insuring the walls’ proper look. Adding your personal touch to your home is greatly supported by the items you display on the sides of your home, not just the color paint you decided.

What’s hanging around are what not just you and your own family see, but anyone who comes to your home. Invited or not 🙂

The first possibility is the clean wall look. It can be done by leaving your walls clean and bare.

For some homes this will be a sign of sanity. This may be the best solutions if the overall decoration of the given room is a heavy one.

If there are too many decorative elements in the room, adding more on the walls will make it excessive decoration.

Artwork comes next. A great way to express yourself. However, you need to have a sense for it.

Random paintings and other things hanging from your walls may make the room and yourself look silly.

Most homes have at least one picture hanging on the wall. I have a small picture of me and my friend dressed as cleaners in New York’s city center.

Family photos are perfect for a family house. Holidays, birthdays and other celebrations may be displayed on the walls of your home. They unite the family and show to visitors the love in between the family members.

Frame a photo and just hang it on the wall.

Functionality items may be beautiful as well as needed. Clocks and mirrors can add to the beauty of your décor if used properly. In addition,interior wall decoration the later one can make a room look bigger and brighter. And the wall clock – each home has to have one.

I’ve even seen people hang things like stuffed animals, whether they shot them or not. Even whole bicycles or Pessoa saddles. Not only do these sorts of items add interest to a wall, but they can also add mood and textures too.

Achievement signs can also be displayed. If you have children it is absolutely normal to hang diplomas, certificates or even their paintings. Just put them in frames. And be sure to mix up the frames and sizes of pictures to add more interest.

Textile art can also be great. People hang national flags, or tapestries with different scenes on them.

Whether religious or not, a tapestry can act as insulation and add to the warm feelings inside the room. Before hanging them in my room, I would certainly see if there are any sensible offers to insure a clean and fresh look is given without any damage occurring.

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